Our guest blogger today is none other than the gorgeous Rachel Holliday aka The Daily Luxe, renowned for her wanderlust aesthetics and boho chic styling, Rachel produces super intriguing blog posts on fashion and beauty related topics. With a fast growing instagram following of over 14K followers, her feed will have you dreaming of a summer escape all year long. 

CR: What made you get into blogging?

R: At University I was looking into doing a Masters in Fashion Journalism and a friend suggested I start a fashion blog. That was back in 2010 when it wasn’t really a well-known thing and I think I did about two posts and then was too busy with my degree. 

After I had emigrated to Australia, I started again as it was a way of combining two of my greatest loves: fashion and writing. It started purely as a hobby and creative outlet and grew from there.

CR: How would you describe your style?

R: I get asked this all the time and I never really know what to say… I’m going to go with chic and feminine with a bohemian edge. 

CR: Every woman has their own unique body shape, what is your number one style tip for your body shape?

R: I have a pear shape which is characterised by larger hips and smaller bust and waist. I’m actually two dress sizes bigger in trousers than I am in tops! My number one style tip would be to invest in high waisted culottes; they skim wonderfully over a bigger butt and thighs and come in perfectly on a smaller waist.

CR: Who is your current favourite designer and why?

R: Alice McCall! She just has the most beautiful prints, fabrics and cuts. It’s all super feminine and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

CR: Shoes or Bags? Which is your fave?

R: Can I say both? :P Haha I am honestly one of those girls that can sit and stare at beautiful shoes and just silently drool, but I have the biggest feet ever so I find it quite hard to find shoes that fit well. My boyfriend calls me the Yeti. Maybe I should start a new body positivity movement for feet? #BigFeetAreBeautiful

For the sheer reason that my huge feet don’t fit in many pretty shoes, I’d have to go with bags. My ultimate bag of the moment is the Gucci Marmont, but its not going to be in my closet anytime soon… I have a mortgage to pay. Having said that, I did spot a gorgeous Gucci Marmont bag for hire on Closet Raid which I have been eyeing off, maybe I can have the best of both worlds. 

CR: What's your favourite trend for 2017

R: Gingham!!!!!!!!!! I have already injected far too much of it into my wardrobe- let’s hope it’s here to stay.

CR: What's a trend you despise?

R: This whole underboob thing. What’s with all the upside-down cleavage on Instagram? I hate that my 13 year old niece could see something like that and think it’s something to aim for. Let’s keep it classy ladies.

A massive thank you to Rachel for sharing her style tips. If you want to rock Rachel's style be sure to Raid her Closet. Links below to some of her favourite pieces. 

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Cmeo Collective First Thing Dress | RRP $230 | Rent $30/day

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