How many times have you gone out and purchased a dress specifically for that ‘one’ special occasion knowing full well you have no intentions of wearing it again? 
Now be honest… I know I have. Then to lessen the guilt, we tell ourselves we’ll make the money back when we sell it however low and behold weeks and months go by and it is still sitting in that same neglected corner gathering dust and shown no love. The truth is, that’s a lot of cash tied up in one wardrobe and you’re sitting on a gold mine without even realising. But did you know that making money from your wardrobe isn’t just limited to selling anymore? Moving into an era where everyone is sharing everything from houses to cars, boats to rides, why not share your fashion sense? You'll be amazed at just how many women out there share your same sense of style and would love a peek into your wardrobe. 


Here are just a few incentives for you to turn your unwanted clothes to cash.
1. Sometimes you have dresses that although you don’t really wear yourself, you just can’t seem to part with it officially. Not to worry, simply select to lend your item and know that it’ll be returned in a few days so the option’s there, if you ever wish to wear it again. 

2. Women of today are not only fashion forward but extremely money savvy. Moving into an era of sharing we can see the numerous benefits of hiring a designer dress verses buying it. This has lead to the rise in demand for designer dress hire services.
Renting out your dresses means there is no limit to the amount of income you can earn from that item. Essentially, so long as people keep requesting to rent it, you’re going to continue making money from it. 

3. Selling your designer pieces is a great way to convert your clothes to cash but repeated rentals are likely to make you more money than the original cost of the dress. Now that’s what I call an investment! 

4. If you’re ready to let go of a particular designer dress or in desperate need for more wardrobe space then by all means sell it and forget it. It’s the perfect excuse to make room for new designer pieces, especially with all that extra cash you just made. 

It’s time to be proactive so you can justify those past splurges. Dig deep into your wardrobe and find those hidden gems. Just because you may not wear them anymore, doesn’t mean others wont. In the next blog post we’ll teach you tips and tricks on how to maximise your listings potential on how to get the best response rate. Don't hold off any longer, Click here to get started!
Happy Listing!

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